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Boat Race in Kerala

The south and north India are very different. The food, dress and the climate.

We are currently in Kerala with its hundreds of canals weaving their way around the state. In areas the water level is higher than the land level all controlled by a series of locks and dykes.

Yesterday we travelled on three large boats made from jack fruit timber and bamboo. Separated into three groups: one vegetarians, and two other boats carrying meat eater passengers.

The first boat of carnivores passed us on several occasions. While the second carnivore boat was left behind, not only having meat - but beer as well. Disruption and absolute chaos followed from boat number three as it cruised down the waterways for the next 2 hours. The vegetarians and meat eater boat number one were racing carrot and breast to the finish line. We landed first, only by a corn husk. Meat boat #1 sweating in second place, followed by meat/beer boat - a good cow shank, chicken leg and a few Kingfisher beers behind us.

Indian tourism greeted us on the shore with live traditional music, flower garlands and an assortment of refreshments. Perhaps some fermented coconut juice for boat #3.

It's now 4.30am, time for me to squeeze in a yoga practice before I board the bus again. Next stop Cochin (100miles) for our flight to Madras.

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