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Sacred Caves

I wonder what the world would be like if it was one big ashram? No reason to complain about things that go wrong cause "that's the way it's meant to be". No reason to have a temper tantrum, show anger or distrust because everything would be satvic, harmonious and bliss full.

This is how the past four ashrams have felt. Like a cave within a world where everyone in that cave is Om Shanti Shanti. The pure Shangri-La on earth. In all of the ashrams we have had westerners give us the tour and intro chats. All of these westerners have devoted their last 20+ years living there and serving the guru, some of these gurus are still alive while others left their bodies back in the 1980's

Some of the ashrams have been intimate and joyful while others just seem like colossal money-making machines. All have yoga teacher training. Interesting!

I asked our tour guide today when was the last time he visited his family in South Africa. He said he had not left this ashram in 21 years. Wow. I guess there are those that dedicate their life to the cause. The Gita says "better to serve where you are most needed. To live the life of a hermit a devotee in the cave is not always the correct way. Sometimes we must step out of the cave and walk into the streets". A chance to feel the world, all its pain and joy its sorrow and unease. To yell out, laugh, dance, cry and throw that temper tantrum. I can't help but think are they a tad out of touch with the world, it's youth, it's imbalances. The world may be their family. But sometimes I can't help but wonder are they missing out on their intimate family the genetic family. Mother, father, brothers and sisters. To feel the intimate touch of your Mother’s hand as she ages. They too must long to see their child secure happy, a completion before they leave their body.

It is said that our first gurus are our parents. And perhaps the world already is one HUGE ashram. With thousands of caves within caves. Maybe it's time to we all stepped out and walked into some unfamiliar streets. Our caves seem to build high, righteous walls as we age. Ashrams are sacred places this is for certain.

But so is the world.

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