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During this current lockdown, I’ve been taking the opportunity to visit the Acupuncture Collective in Randwick. In actual fact, it all began for Shanti's benefit. Shanti is my beloved Border Collie dog. She has dysplasia, bone on bone. This is not a good diagnosis, but at fifteen years old, she’s been managing well, though her hips are well and truly worn out. It was Shanti’s vet who one day informed me that acupuncture might assist with greater movement and pain relief. For a dog? This was news to me. But off we went to the Acupuncture Collective with a large bag of doggie treats in tow.

It goes without saying that any form of needles - for a dog - can be terribly frightening, so this new adventure was no easy task. Inserting needles into her already painful hips was brutal. I held her in a head lock, distracting her with the doggie treats while Martine - the therapist - slid pins through a wad of thick fur into the skin below. For the next 20 minutes, Shanti remarkably relaxed next to me, an almost intuitive knowing that it would support her system. It was incredible to witness, and continues to be so.

The benefits of acupuncture for humans (as with dogs!) are widely known to relieve many ailments including headaches, sprains, allergies and chronic pain, to name just a few. It’s also a practice that supports the entire system, bringing balance not only to the physical but also the emotional body. It does this through various components of traditional Chinese medicine.

You may or may not be aware, but very similar applications are also available through yoga asana practice. For example, there are numerous occasions where a posture specifically calls for the application of mild pressure on a particular point. In the language of yoga, these points are referred to as marma points. There are 108 of these points, to be exact, and they are situated all over the body. These points are said to be the seat of life or what we refer to as prana (life force). Mild pressure can in fact help important nerves come together along related structures like muscles and tendons. Blockages can be released. Just as needles inserted in specific points on the body can improve the flow of prana and thereby improve health, similarly, marma points activated through asana can affect our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Manipulating marma points is like an activation of energy for the body. It’s like an ON / OFF switch for the sacred geography of our very own body. Learning to attune ourselves in this way, to both the energy of the heavens above and the earth below can support us to function better in our relationship with self and others.

In light of all this, my therapist Martine and I have been talking, comparing techniques and sharing ideas about what inspires us. We’ve decided to create a one-off online class to introduce you to basic points of application in the traditional practice of acupuncture and yoga. This is simply an introduction that explores points that you can access on your own - no needles required. There are many easy points of pressure that you can access through either hand massage or yoga asana. These can assist and accompany you on your path as you go forward. I hope this sounds good to you and I really hope to see you there.

Be well!


WHEN: Sunday August 22nd 10am

For info and bookings, visit:


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