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Distance and Time in India

The steamy south of India which is pre-monsoon makes the city of Chennai a melting pot of short tempered locals as we inch our way from Chennai airport to our hotel.

What was to be a 5 hour journey from Cochin to Chennai turned into a 16 hour experience. This has been the longest of our delays so far. Our tour guides are of course doing their best to laugh it off. “It's India ho ho!” Or " remember when I tell you that today we must travel 190km, it is not the distance, it is the time! It could take 2 hours 3 hours or even 5. It depends. Ho ho! “

Just like the Marsala chai I ordered 40mins ago from room service. “It's not the time it takes to make it Madam. It's how many times You must order it.”

In a few hours we board our bus again for a 200km drive to Pondicherry. Oops 3 hours or 4 or 5 hours - it depends.

India is full of such experiences. If ever there was a place to practice patience and equanimity India is certainly this here.

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