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OM House

These classes are in the traditional Mysore style. You may arrive for practice anytime from 5.30am to 8am Bring your own mat and towel for hygiene.

Weekly Morning Mysore
Doors open at 5.30am

  • MON from 6am to 9am

  • TUE from 6am to 10.30am

  • WED from 6am to 9am

  • THU from 6am to 10.30am

  • FRI from 6am to 9am

  • SUN Mysore from 7am to 9.30am

Led Classes classes

FRI 10 - 11.30am - LED Class with Trevor

SAT 7.30-9am - LED Class with Eileen

SUN 9.30 - 11am - LED Class with Olivier


OM House: Level 1, 52 Hall Street, Bondi.

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As we are all at different levels of financial resources at different times in our lives I wanted to introduce a Fair Exchange, so please choose a price that suites you depending on how your resources are, how much you love yoga and how often you’d like to attend.


Each pass will be one calendar month. Payments can be made in class with tap 'n go or contact Eileen for bank transfer details.



A monthly pass for those on a low income or if you might join 8 to 10 classes a month.



A monthly pass for anyone that comes 4-6 times a week.



A monthly pass price for those who love yoga and would like to support the ongoing costs of the OM House and those less fortunate.

One off drop-in


If you’d like to learn the Mysore practice it requires no previous yoga experience, however you will need to commit to at least 2 classes a week.


Please email Eileen to arrange your first session.

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