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At the OM House the Ashtanga yoga method is taught in its traditional form know as “Mysore Practice” which originated in Mysore South India.


Students are taught individually within a group environment and practice at their own pace with one-on-one advice given by the teacher.


Working in this way allows you to focus on your breath and encourages a meditative quality to your practice.


I hope the Om House will be a supportive space for you to delve deeper into your practice of yoga


Complete beginners are always welcome.

Eileen Hall

Certified to teach both the Ashtanga Yoga method and the Iyengar Yoga method since 1981, Eileen started yoga at age 20.


She was fortunate enough to have, as her first teacher, an inspiring dedicated Iyengar yoga teacher. Within a year she was practicing and learning under the guidance of Shandor Remete now established in The Shadow Yoga practice.


She found my way to India in the 1980’s studying with Mr BKS Iyengar for several years and assisting him in various classes.

Several years and trips to India later, she began the practice of Ashtanga yoga with Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and continue to explore the practice to this day.


In addition to teaching yoga, Eileen loves ocean swimming, reading, writing and walking other people’s dogs.

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With Eileen, you'll be welcomed into a supportive and friendly community where everyone is supported from complete beginners to those with an established practice.


Your practice length will vary between 40min when you start, up to 1 hour & 40 min with more experience.


You will be slowly guided through the Ashtanga Yoga series of postures, developing the strength and flexibility of your body, creating a balanced breathing pattern, and ultimately learning to steady your mind and the senses.


Om House class times.


Drop-in students who are visiting Sydney are most welcome to join if you already have an existing practice.

Om House

L1, 52 Hall St, Bondi 

Weekly, early morning Mysore

classes with Eileen.


Monday to Friday 6.00am to 9am

Doors open at 5.30am

Sunday 7am to 10am

Doors open at 6.30am

Guided practice.

BYO mat and towel for hygiene.

Please note - Mysore classes will not run on

Moon Days.


If you’d like to learn the Mysore practice it requires no previous yoga experience, however you will need to commit to at least 2 classes a week.


Please contact Eileen via email to arrange your first session.

Eileen assisting Pranayama hand position.jpg

We acknowledge that we meet and practice on Indigenous land. 

We pay our deep respects to the elders past and present and acknowledge the role our Indigenous peoples continue to play within our local communities.

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