Update about new venue...

The last class at White City will be on Sunday 30th January 2022.

Opening night for the new venue on Friday 4th February 

Classes commence in the new venue on Sunday 6th February.

7 days per week
2 Hooper Ln, Randwick NSW 2031


is on the move

It was 11 years ago I was shown the abandoned room under the main grandstand at White City. I was informed by Hakoa management at the time it was purely temporary, “you’ll probably have to move within the year, as we are planning to develop the site and make way for a whizzbang recreational centre for the Jewish and local communities”, that was nearly 11 years ago to the day.


The development plans have finally come through and all tenants have been asked to vacate on the 31st January 2022. This is in fact my 4th move.


We will be moving into a share space that is a beautiful light filled healing environment in February over in Randwick, a space created by Martine Aharonson of Freddys Acupuncture Collective. Martine has been so gracious, and in knowing we will uphold and respect this environment for all to share.

YogaMoves White City Elle Gutman.png
Photograph by Ellie Gutman

I’m delighted to welcome Olivier David to our team, a Certified Ashtanga Teacher within the linage of the Ashtanga yoga method. I’m also happy to say that Paul Frechtling will still be a part of our team.


Special thanks to the Hakoa Club who have been generous and caring as landlords.


To Pam, who managed the premises and kept the old taps turning and the electrical box always switched on I will miss the spacious environment, that car park and the other tenants, we all shared for so many years.


Our last day of practice will be Sunday 30th January 2022.


Our hours and days are yet to be finalised in the new space, so please stay close to the YogaMoves website for future announcements New beginnings my friends.



YogaMoves White City Elle Gutman2.png
Photograph by Ellie Gutman